TORETAIL Procurement

The Retailer’s outsourced Procurement Department on the territory of Russian Federation

Selection of Suppliers for the Retailer with the use of own catalogue of Russian Manufacturers

We analyze

  • the Retailer’s target audience

  • the Retailer’s assortment matrix

  • the Russian market existing for the specific product groups and categories


We prepare the Manufacturer by

  • selecting Manufacturer from our own catalogue

  • selecting the Manufacturer in the Russian market

  • providing manufacturing facility audit

  • auditing compliance of the goods with the international standards and the Retailer’s standards

  • preparing presentation and working materials

  • developing pricing policy

  • serving as a Key Account Manager of the Manufacturer’s Department during the entire period of its cooperation with the Retailer

  • consulting on all customs services


We assure conclusion of a direct contract between the Retailer and the Russian Federation Manufacturer 


Today we collaborate with more than 1000 Manufacturers. Our catalogue includes the best offers existing in the Russian market in respect of the main product groups and categories


Extensive background, complex approach and teamwork conducted by TORETAIL professional experts provide the maximum convenience and efficiency to the Retailer when cooperating with new Manufacturers