TORETAIL Marketing

Marketing and advertising

TORETAIL Marketing provides full marketing support to the Retailer

Promotional activities (promotion of goods distribution by reaching end users):

  • introduction of the product and improvement of its awareness

  • switching consumers of competing goods onto the promoted brand

  • increasing sales


Event Marketing means an action plan dedicated to promote the goods with the arrangement of dramatic and memorable events: shows, fests, parties, presentations, etc. (including corporate events, special activities, provocative marketing). It includes the following:

  • creation of the company’s image

  • development of the customer loyalty towards a trademark

  • extension of the set of business partners and customers

  • assurance of promotion and success of the brand, improvement of its status and popularity


Direct Marketing is one of the optimal strategies to seek new customers. It includes the following:

  • acquisition of new customers, development of a feedback channel with them

  • maintenance of long-term relationship with existing customers, informing them on new goods

  • subscription campaigns

  • various promotional events

  • различные PR-акции

  • organization of lotteries, giveaways and other promotional activities

  • organization of distance selling and etc.


Trade marketing is a promotion of sales at all points of sales. It may include:

  • creation of the company’s image

  • retail price monitoring

  • secret shopper services

  • merchandising, merchandising audits, merchandising consultations


Indoor advertising is a necessary and efficient type of advertisement placed on fixed or movable support inside points of sales. It includes:

  • development of the concept of advertising materials placement

  • designing layouts and sketches

  • confirmation of placement plans with the venues

  • production, logistic support and monitoring

  • advertising placement

  • evaluation of placement efficiency


Production of advertising materials includes:

  • POS materials

  • presentation materials

  • promotional items

  • textiles

  • consumables for promotional events

  • other advertising structures

  • retail equipment