TORETAIL Development

Outsourced Business Development Department оп the territory of Russian

We organize and support М&А transactions оп the Russian Retail market and serve as the Retailer's outsourced Business Development Department

Following the Retailer's request and as a part of M&A transactions organized and supported by us (acquisition of points of sales), TORETAIL offers complex services aimed at association of two or more companies under the management of the consolidated executive body

TORETAIL provides services to open stores of the following formats: supermarket, express supermarket, and food zone supermarket, according to the Retailer's request and requirements specification, in any region of Russian Federation

Selection of a place for a new point of sales includes:
Obtainment and detailed consideration of the Retailer's requirements specification
Analysis of: infrastructure, traffic, competitive neighborhood
Selection of the optimal format and а place for а new store
Turnkey construction, refurblshment (according to the Retailer's brand book) and engineering support of а new store
Formation of assortment matrix of the goods
Selection of Suppliers for the Retailer with the use of own catalogue of Manufacturers
Launch team, acceptance of the goods /merchandising, preparation of the store for opening
Arrangement of promotional events, including store opening

TORETAIL provides services on selection of contract manufacturing facilities or М&д transactions
(acquisition of production facilities) in various segments of industry, which are availaЫe on the Retailer's demand

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